Feeling stuck

Struggling to find motivation

Craving career change or professional fulfillment

Didn't choose the "traditional" life path and feel like an outlier in your friend group

​Desirous of MORE

Fearing "It's too late" for the body/job/relationship/adventures etc.

Wondering where that spitfire badass you once were, went

Don't know where to start.

If you're here, there's a good chance you are...

Uh yah. I've been there. Got the t-shirt.

  • empower you to make at least one big, scary, awesome, set your hair on fire you're so excited change in your life

  • get you unstuck

  • support you with compassion

  • give you the space to be limitless, vent, heal and let that shit go

  • reconnect you with your truest self and inner badass

  • provide you with concrete tools, strategies and actionable steps

  • inspire you to keep growing, keep evolving, keep kicking ass.

The Mettle Workshop Coaching Program will:

You are a badass. Maybe you just forgot for a little. It's cool. I'm going to help you remember.

Over 12 weeks, I will empower you to dismantle limiting beliefs, harness your fear and enact radical change. It's going to be so, so epic and I am so, so excited to begin this journey with you.