Working on Computer

What We Can Work On:

  • anxiety management

  • boundary setting

  • workload stress

  • identity and confidence

  • self-image + self-worth

  • financial health

  • motivation + goal-achievement

  • life changes

  • transitioning careers

  • graduate study stress 

  • burnout 

  • conquering overwhelm

Life Coaching has the Power to Enhance:

  • mental health

  • stress management

  • goal-setting

  • goal-achievement

  • hope

  • self-awareness

  • self-regulation

  • resilience

  • well-being

  • planning and organization

  • self-confidence

One-to-One Coaching


Small Group Coaching

Back to School Hype Squad

The 20-21 school year was a helluva ride. It left many of us burned out, depleted and wondering what the hell is in store for the future of teaching. While we can't anticipate what will happen in the 21-22 school year, we can start strong with support and community.


  • The Back to School Hype Squad is a small-group, 4 week, group coaching experience.

  • Each week we'll start with a reflection and I'll hold space to coach you through any anxiety, trepidation, dread, or concern you may be feeling.

  • Now this is Hype Squad, not Doom Squad. Each week we'll be supporting each other and understanding out how we can take proactive steps to approaching the year from a place of power, wellness and worth.


The Educator Empowerment Experience


Teachers are tasked with an overwhelming amount of physical and emotional work, and often both underpaid and under-professionalized (don't you love when administrators and parents talk to you like a. you're a kid or b. you don't have a bunch of degrees and training?). This takes its toll.


The Educator Empowerment Experience is a small-group coaching course where we'll explore the common causes of burnout and confidence erosion that can happen after years of teaching — and what to do about it. This is what you'll receive each week:

  • A live group coaching call

  • A  video in which I will address that week's topic (health, finances, coping mechanisms, etc.), providing research/evidence based knowledge, skills and concrete strategies

  • Journal prompts and/or reflection exercises to build your awareness around this topic and begin to untangle yourself from potential triggers/stressors

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can engage, seek support, and hold space to support others

Please note: this is a proactive, self-development space. This is not a space for venting without purpose and direction. Too often we get bogged down in the toxic conversations around teaching. In The Educator Empowerment Experience, we rise above inaction and stagnancy.

The Neuroscience of Stress and Anxiety

In this 6-week group coaching course I will take you through the neuroscience of stress and anxiety. By learning how the brain works, we demystify feelings of overwhelm and panic, thereby helping us take control over our stress and anxiety.


Types of things you'll learn:

  • evidence-based anxiety management techniques, rooted in neuroscience

  • an overview of the brain and its component parts, especially as they relate to stress

  • how to use positive neuroplasticity to retrain your brain to be calmer and happier

  • easy and efficient mindfulness strategies that directly work with your brain

What you get for your investment:

  • a weekly "lecture" (informational video in which I'll break down the neuroscience)

  • a weekly live coaching call

  • weekly journal prompts and exercises that will begin to rewire your brain toward happiness and calm

  • access to a private Facebook group that will serve as additional discussion and support.