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What We Can Work On:

  • anxiety management

  • boundary setting

  • relationship stress

  • identity and confidence

  • self-image + self-worth

  • motivation + goal-achievement

  • life changes

  • school transitions

  • academic improvement

  • burnout 

  • conquering overwhelm

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Life Coaching has the Power to Enhance:

  • mental health

  • stress management

  • goal-setting

  • goal-achievement

  • hope

  • self-awareness

  • self-regulation

  • resilience

  • well-being

  • planning and organization

  • self-confidence

One-to-One Coaching for Ages 14 -26


Workshops for Ages 14+

Why Mindfulness is SO important:

Life is stressful — and being a teenager is extra stressful. Now more than ever, young people need community, support and to learn ways to become resilient in the face of stress. 

MBSR for Teens is a research-based program that helps young people reduce stress and improve their mental health.

Participants will leave the workshop with a social emotional toolbox filled with coping strategies, mindfulness techniques and positive neuroplasticity practices.

MBSR-T Teaches:

  • fundamental and foundational mindfulness skills

  • teens to direct their attention to the positive and to self care, specifically that which nourishes and fills them up, rather than on that which drains and depletes them

  • gentleness, nurturing thoughts and actions, appreciation and heartfulness 

  • how to respond rather than react

  • how to interrupt and reduce stress

Zen Garden

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Desk and Stationery

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan!

There's a lot to remember these days. Between projects, and sports practice, community service, class schedules and everyday homework, school life is busy life!


In this 4-week small group workshop, we will demystify school and learn how to approach the year with energy, organization and a calm, cool and collected plan of attack.

Things We'll Work On:

  • scheduling

  • study systems

  • planning homework + projects

  • managing belongings across locations

  • stress management

  • goal-setting + goal-achieving

  • self-regulation

  • self-advocacy

  • need to do vs. want to do

  • transitions 

  • setting up productive work environments

Time Management + Organization


Killin' It in College

It was the best of times, it was the... craziest of times? Quite simply, college is A LOT. It's a wild storm of fun, life transitions, independence, responsibility and exploration.

This small group workshop will guide you through some of most important aspects of college life, helping you to be successful and absolutely kill it.

Things We'll Work On:

  • study systems

  • stress reduction

  • boundaries

  • creating personal space

  • planning + scheduling

  • office hours

  • choosing a major

  • prioritization

  • procrastination

  • healthy relationships

  • overall wellness

College Student

College Readiness and Success